34 weeks pregnant: I'd better pack my Hospital bag! Posted on 12/06/2012

I started losing my mucus plug last night. I thought it was my waters breaking but it wasn't. After phoning Triage at the hospital this morning, they've confirmed this and put my mind at ease. :) Since then, I've found lots of useful websites about losing the mucus plug: http://www.circleofmoms.com/welcome-to-circle-of-moms/how-long-after-you-lose-your-mucus-plug-do-you-go-into-labor-408573#



However, I suddenly realised that I still haven't even packed my Hospital bag! I was meant to do this a couple of weeks ago when I started my Maternity Leave but I kept on forgetting.

I now started panicking thinking that I should be ready just in case, specially because everything seems to be getting more real now. No matter how much I've read or asked people about labour, I just couldn't think that it was going to start happening so soon.

I had a lot of information on what to pack as I've already asked the fans on our Facebook page and also I've been reading every article I get hold off. I found that the Bounty pack had a page on it which I took and started ticking off. I've put a link here which you can print off and do the same http://content.bounty.com/images/css/bounty/fashion/docs/packinglist_v6.pdf

I've realised that I was missing a few items so it was time to go shopping! I waited for my OH to go to the supermarket. I needed to buy the basic things which I didn't have still. It was so weird to be doing this. Because I started losing my mucus plug, I'd gathered that I might not go full term so we bought a few Early Baby outfits.

We don't sell these in the shop yet so it felt wrong buying them somewhere else, especially in a supermarket, but I thought that baby will wear these clothes for a few days only so I needed to think practically. I also still have a feeling that although we are expecting a girl, we might get a boy so we didn't go for anything pink, just colourful stuff as afterall she/he will be a Koolmami baby. ;)

I hardly have any space left in my bag and we had to put the snacks in a separate carrier. This is what my bag looks like so far. We are very excited and can't wait to meet our baby!