26 weeks pregnant: Baby things you need Posted on 12/04/2012

At 26 weeks pregnant I haven’t bought anything aside from a pram. It is a mine field looking around the baby shops, there seems to be a gadget for everything! As a first time mum I decided to get together a list of the baby things you need, just the essentials. This task was made easy because of Koolmami’s amazing community of Facebook fans who have been able to advise on the baby things you need right from the start, based on their experiences as mums - thanks baby fans!

Baby things you need to buy:
1 - Cot/cot bed/mosses basket or crib
2 - Baby car seat (without this, you can’t go home from hospital!)
3 - Pram
4 - Small baby blankets
5 - Towels
6 - Muslin squares (for catching dribbles, feeding time, burping etc)
7 - 5 Sleep suits & vests
8 - 2 pair of scratch mittens
9 - 1 hat
10 - 2 cardigans
11 - Lots of newborn nappies as you change them every 2-3 hours!
12 - 1 packet of cotton wool balls for wiping baby’s bum or baby wipes

Optional items
1 - Formula milk, bottles & sterilizer (if you are not breast-feeding)
2 - Breast pump (optional)
3 - Bouncy chair (optional)

Print off this page and give it to family and friends so that when they are looking for baby shower gifts they know that these are the baby things you need to get started.

Do you think that I have covered all of the baby things you need? Please let us know in the comments below and also share this article with your pregnant friends, they will thank you for it.

xx Lorena: 26 weeks pregnant.