20 weeks pregnant: Information Overload! Posted on 02/03/2012

Information Overload!

When I went to see my friend's baby for the first time, we were chatting about various things and she mentioned Baby Clubs and freebies. Of course, my ears went into 'recording mode'. Who doesn't love a freebie?

She told me that there are lots of websites you can suscribe to and you get lots of offers, advice, coupons, free samples and some of them throw a cuddly little soft toy too! Of course the purpose of these things is to sell you stuff and hook you from the beginning of your pregnancy with their brilliant marketing but to be honest, I don't care.

Receiving a few newsletters every week is okay with me. I must admit, sometimes I read them, sometimes I ignore them. It's funny because sometimes I get them one straight after the other so I can compare them (sad, I know!) Not sure if you've ever noticed but I did. My baby seems bigger in some of them or it's a different 'fruit' size or even I might have different symptoms!

Anyhow, for example this week (20) one newsletter says that baby is the size of a grapefruit, 6.4 inches long, his lungs and digestive system are developing and I should already start feeling kicks (this is the bit I read anyway) avoiding all other product 'suggestions'.

The other one is a bit more interesting because it covers different subjects such as how your baby responds to your moods, getting the most out of your diet, the facts about sex in pregnancy, great tips for unpleasant symptoms, could you be suffering with thyroid dysfunction?, a dad in the making, how you are already practicing for motherhood and strange taste and cravings.

You can see my point now that it depends what they sell is the information you get. This particular site sells one type of products which you don't need yet so they are much more informative.

Another one just sent information about TENS machines! I haven't even had my 20 week scan yet and I already have got a lot to think about to even start thinking about which machine to buy/rent (if any)!

The next one says that I am 21 weeks already! I've checked that I've put the right due date on their website and it's correct so not sure how they work that out! Apart from that, it just talked about what sort of things should I buy for a newborn?, which is fair enough as I started thinking about that too. I'm an organised person so I need to think in advance about how things are going to happen. They also have links to other useful information. One nice thing it says is that baby can now hear me so I can start talking or singing to him/her.

Baby is now the size of a large banana according to another one! It says that you may well have gained around 10 to 15 pounds and that many mums feel an urge to ‘nest' or start tidying up. They also started talking about the basic things you need to buy for baby. It also explains that sucking, swallowing and blinking reflexes are all in place. The internal organs, vocal chords, genitals, eyelids and eyebrows are also developing and your baby's skin will soon be covered in a protective white coating called 'vernix'.

As you can see, a lot of things happen in just one week! How can you keep up? My mum probably didn't know even 1% of this! Was she less happy about it or did I suffer because of this? I don't think so. It's just that with the Internet, everything is available at the touch of button and Dr Google could be so evil sometimes for anxious (impatient) mums like me! If you still want to go ahead and sign up for all these newsletters, they were www.boots.com, www.pampers.co.uk, www.bounty.com, www.cowandgate.co.uk www.aptamil.co.uk

xx Lorena: 20 weeks pregnant.