10 weeks pregnant: Our Last Christmas (Just the two of us) Posted on 28/12/2011

I’ve worked on Christmas Eve in the market but managed to finish one hour earlier. Yay! I couldn’t wait enough for this time to arrive! We’ve been so tired working 7 days a week during November and December that we didn’t have time to plan for Christmas or anything like that. 

We’ve done our food shopping last minute and collapsed in the sofa. We normally go to bed after midnight on Christmas Eve but this time we just fell asleep by 10ish. I’ve phoned my family in Argentina beforehand and then we just went to bed. It was lovely to hear from them. They celebrate on the 24th December so I always make sure I contact them.

The next day we woke up late and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Father Christmas spoiled me a lot and he went over budget as always. I stuck to mine (of course!) and managed to get good gifts too. Our neighbour came over for Christmas dinner. We always like sharing our Christmas dinner with someone who needs company on such a special day. It was all very nice and I only had one small naughty glass of champagne which tasted so good! 

 I’ve missed having pate, spirits, blue cheeses, etc but it is all for a good cause. I want a healthy baby and I’m trying to follow the guidelines as much as I can. My midwife said that if I just have one small glass of wine a week, it’s okay so I don’t feel bad for this. 
On Boxing Day, we literally slept all day! Then woke up, ate more snacks, stayed in the sofa for a few hours watching Christmas films and then went to bed again! We needed such a rest! I loved it!
On the 27th of December I had a visit from my midwife to complete the booking appointment. It was great to see her at home. She finally met my partner too which made him feel more involved in the pregnancy.
This is the last Christmas we spend together as just a couple. It was a hectic year but it was brilliant and we enjoyed each other's company just the two of us. Next year we will have our baby hopefully! I can’t wait!

xx Lorena: 10 weeks pregnant